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Welcome to the new Low Energy Light Bulbs Recycling section. Here you will find facts, recycling symbols, advice and tips to help you recycle-more and minimise your effect on the environment!
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Just type your postcode into the above form and find out where you can recycle your low energy light bulbs!

low energy light bulb recycling

how to dispose of low energy light bulbs/ gas discharge lamps

  • light bulbs should NOT be put in glass banks
  • low energy light bulbs contain mercury, so they should NOT go into household waste
  • can be disposed of at a number of recycling points. Type your postcode into the above search facility to locate your nearest recycling site
  • for further information on safe disposal read more here »

how to deal with broken low energy light bulbs

  • it's good practice to minimise unnecessary exposure to mercury
  • you should clean up materials and ventilate the room for 15 minutes
  • do NOT use a vacuum cleaner, and use rubber gloves when cleaning materials away
  • for further information on safe disposal read more here »

latest low energy light bulb news

What does the new legislation on energy efficient light bulbs mean for consumers and our industry... read more here » (source: CIWM Journal)

The government has been working with all major retailers who sell light bulbs and UK energy suppliers to phase out traditional energy guzzling bulbs... read more here »

low energy light bulbs

low energy light bulbs

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