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 17 Dec 2006

Ordinary Telephone recycling? 

2 1883

There seems to be many places to recycle mobile phones but does anyone know where to recycle land line telephones / answer machines and associated plugs etc?

 12 Dec 2006

where can you recycle bikes in Bournemouth Dorset? 

1 2023

 9 Dec 2006

Recycling Workshop 

1 1852


I'm working in a hostel for young homeless people (16-24) and we're getting our recycle bin in January. I'm trying to plan a workshop with them so they know what should and shouldn't be recycled. I want to give them a bit of info on the consequences of not recycling, but all the info I've found is pretty vague. Does anyone know of any good resources for this kind of info.

Also I'm getting them to save the recylcable stuff leading up to the workshop so we can make xmas decorations out of it- any ideas what I could do?

Thanks Louise

 2 Dec 2006
Malcolm Cartwright 

Batteries! is there anyone buying spent?

1 1802

I have been asked to organise a system for ur customers to get rid of their spent batteries. this would be great if there was someone who would buy them from us and not expect us to pay for the removal AND for rental of a collection container.
Does anyone know of such a service as the proceeds would go to third developing country needs.

 2 Dec 2006

VHS Tapes? Anyone found a way to recycle them? 

1 1940

I noticed a couple of q's about VHS tapes and wondered if there is any more wisdom regarding these as we (a business) have been asked if we could arrange a collection of them and put any proceeds into our charitable company.

 1 Dec 2006


0 1733

 27 Nov 2006
Andrew Crowe 

instead of banking my my business glass waste is there any way i could recycle them into wine glasses, tumblers etc. for resale? any other businesses or individuals with info or help?  

3 1930

 27 Nov 2006

Coat Hangers 

5 2235

Shops like to give them away but is there anywhere that these can be recycled.

 24 Nov 2006

Paper recycling - what goes where? 

2 1833

Our kerbside collection and communal recycling bins specify newspapers and pamphlets only. I was told this is the 'lower grade' paper and they do not have facilities to recycle ordinary A4 or envelopes (higher grade). However this website directs me to those communal areas quoting 'mixed paper, incl newspapers, junk mail & pamphlets'. Can I put A4 paper and envelopes in these then? I am prepared to remove the sticky bits and plastic windows... otherwise we have saved a lot of waste paper with nowhere to recycle it! If anyone has advice I would be grateful.

 24 Nov 2006

MOPAY - Crooks? 

0 1818

Had sent several phones to mopay.. never recieved cash only hasssle. anyone else had the same problems?

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