Greening up for grown ups


As we find ourselves at the tail end of the noughties, we seem to be leading busier lives than ever.

If our days aren't jam-packed whizzing the children here, there and everywhere, they are filled with us dashing off to the gym, hurtling out to grab a bit of shopping, not to mention doing the old 9-5 to make all the ends meet.

So where do we 'old dogs' find time to learn 'new eco-tricks' and do we really need to worry about it? Surely someone else can just do a bit more for the environment and we won't have to worry about it.

If this isn't the mentality for you, you could adopt some of the top tips below:

Start believing that your small and simple changes will make a difference.
Try to adopt one green change a week into your usual routine.
Ask your children or grandchildren what they know about composting; you might be pleasantly surprised.
Rise to the challenge of being a green leader in your office and tackle one simple task a month.
Talk to three of your neighbours and set up a weekly recycling rota for a Sunday morning trip to the civic amenity site and take all the rubbish in one car.
Never underestimate your own potential for positive change.
Only throw away what's absolutely necessary, landfill is one step away from landfill
When you start feeling the buzz from going the extra green mile, spread the word and get a friend on board too

Take the first letter from each of our top tips - who said word games were just for kids?

The Recycle-more Team would like to thank this month's feature writer, Tracey Smith. Tracey is the author of 'The Book of Rubbish Ideas' published in September 2008.

If you would like further information on where to recycle see our bank locator or check out our What Can I Recycle? section. Remember,Reduce, Re-use, Recycle!