10 steps to an eco-friendly festival adventure


The summer is here, Wimbledon is in full swing and the festivals have started. With thousands of us hot footing it to events around the country, the Recycle-more Team has compiled a few facts and tips for a truly green experience!

Reduce, re-use, recycle

  • According to the Reading festival website www.readingfestival.com, "It is estimated around 8 tonnes of aluminium cans are at the festival after the party's over." So they are offering a free can of Pepsi Max in return for a bagful of cans recovered. Just take them to the Recycle Exchange!
  • If you're heading to Wimbledon for the Tennis, look out for the purple recycling bags which Merton Council has introduced. According to the council:
    "During Wimbledon fortnight an average of five tonnes of waste is collected each day from the waiting public outside the All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC) 
  • If you don't want some or any of your camping gear at the end of the festivals then hand it in to the organisers. Most of the festivals have schemes so the equipment will be reused and go to a new and happy home
  • Save the cows! Remove any tent pegs before you leave festival campsites, as they can be fatal to the cows - poor things. You could also get yourself some biodegradable tent pegs
  • Don't forget that you can refill your plastic bottles, helping to reduce the amount of resources we use. Check out the deposit schemes available at some of the festivals
  • Look out for recyclable products/ packaging to take with you
  • Did you know that in 2013 49% of waste was recycled at Glastonbury festival www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk. With over 40 thousand bins available, there is no excuse to drop litter. Also look out for the colour coded recycling bins
  • Check out green travel options such as www.liftshare.com/uk,public transport or even www.biggreencoach.co.uk
  • There are thousands of recycling points located across the UK, and many new ones for batteries. Check out the recycling locator to find sites near you
  • Live by the philosophy of "leave no trace". Reduce, re-use and recycle and you won't go far wrong!