Carbon Neutrality

Carbon neutrality

Having measured and reduced their carbon footprints, some organisations wish to go the extra step and achieve a certified carbon neutral status that they can publicise to their customers, suppliers or shareholders. A carbon neutral status can be achieved for a whole organisation or for specific services, products or events.

PAS 2060 - a carbon neutral standard

The Publicly Available Standard (PAS) 2060 was published by the British Standards Institute (BSI) in April 2010 and aims to provide a consistent approach for organisations to demonstrate carbon neutrality. 

To achieve the standard organisations must calculate their carbon footprint, in line with one of the following recognised methodologies:

  • Defra's guidance on measuring and reporting carbon footprints for companies
  • The GHG protocol which is one of the most widely used methodologies
  • ISO 14064 for organisational footprints
  • ISO 14040 or PAS 2050 for product footprints

Once organisations have calculated their footprint they must then produce a Carbon Footprint Management Plan describing how they intend to reduce their emissions and achieve carbon neutrality.

If you would like any help calculating your organisations carbon footprint or achieving carbon neutral status please contact our friendly team at Valpak on 03450 682 572 or complete our enquiry form.