Carbon Reduction Commitment

Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC)

The Carbon Reduction Commitment - Energy Efficiency Scheme was introduced in 2008 and is the first piece of compulsory UK legislation to address energy use amongst medium to large non-energy intensive organisations.

Who is affected ?

Organisations will be affected if they: 

  • Own at least one settled half-hourly electricity meter
  • Have a total electricity consumption, through settled half-hourly electricity meters, of more than 6,000MWh

What do you need to do ?

Organisations that meet the above criteria will need to register with the CRC Registry. They will also need to:

  • Submit an annual report
  • Create and maintain a detailed evidence pack
  • Purchase and surrender carbon allowances to offset your carbon emissions

If you think your organisation may be affected by the CRC and you would like some guidance or advice please contact our friendly team on 03450 682 572  or complete our enquiry form.