Environmental Permitting

Environmental permitting

These regulations were introduced in the UK to minimise the impact of activities that have the potential to damage the environment.  

The various regulations covering permitting and licensing in the UK are: 

  • The Environmental Permitting Regulations (England & Wales) 2012
  • The Pollution Prevention & Control (Scotland) Regulations 2000
  • The Waste Management Licensing (Scotland) Regulations 2011
  • The Pollution Prevention & Control (Industrial Emissions) Regulations (Northern Ireland) Regulations 2013
  • The Waste Management Licensing (Northern Ireland) Regulations 2003

Who is affected ?

These regulations will affect organisations that carry out activities that could have an impact on the environment.  Examples of activities that are likely to require a permit are: 

  • Power generation
  • Manufacturing and other industrial activities
  • Waste management activitiesIntensive pig and poultry farming
  • Activities involving solvents
  • Operation of a landfill site 
  • Organisations that treat, store, recycle, use waste mobile plants or carry out final disposal of waste may require a Waste Management Licence (WML).

What do you need to do ?

Organisations that wish to carry out activities such as those listed above will need to apply for a permit or licence from the appropriate authority for their region:
  • Further guidance for England & Wales can be found here and here
  • Further guidance for Scotland can be found here
  • Further guidance for Northern Ireland can be found here