Office Recycling 

Office recycling

The cost of putting waste into landfill sites has been steadily rising since 2001 and currently sits at £82.60 per tonne. Recycling office waste can save your company money and help reduce its impact on the environment. 

Our top tips for office recycling

  1. Nominate a recycling champion. This should be someone who can take ownership of all of the recycling and environmental issues
  2. Create an environmental committee.  This is a group of people who can make sure important environmental issues are being dealt with in the correct and most cost effective way for your business
  3. Conduct a waste audit to understand what types and how much waste is being produced by your business
  4. Do your research. Once you have the results of your waste audit, you will be able to prioritise which materials your business needs to work on reducing, recycling or both
  5. Keep records so you can monitor the amount of waste that is recycled and the amount of resources you use.  This will help you to measure how effective your new recycling system is and whether you need to take extra steps to reduce your waste
  6. Communication is key.  Make sure everyone in your business is aware of the recycling facilities and how they should be used