What can I recycle?

Symbols on Packaging


Packaging symbols can be confusing. This page will help you to understand the meaning behind different packaging labels that are around in the UK.
Did you know that the Green Dot  is NOT a recycling symbol. It is actually a trademark. Click here for more information on the Green Dot.
Use the links below for examples of common labels found on packaging:


Augmented Reality

By using your mobile device, AR-Code lets you add a digital dimension made by interactive contents to the real world around you. To view these you need to download the application, look for the AR-Code Stamp or discover which item is made alive by AR-Code (magazine page, packaging, cinema billboard, retail sign, sticker or even a building), point at the item, download the contents and, in just a few seconds, interact with a range of videos, sounds, games and information that appear in Augmented Reality on your device's screen.