What can I recycle?

Symbols on Packaging


Packaging symbols can be confusing. This page will help you to understand the meaning behind different packaging labels that are around in the UK.
Did you know that the Green Dot  is NOT a recycling symbol. It is actually a trademark. Click here for more information on the Green Dot.
Use the links below for examples of common labels found on packaging:


On Pack

The On-Pack Recycling Label scheme aims to deliver a simpler, UK-wide, consistent, recycling message on both retailer private label and brand-owner packaging to help consumers recycle more material, more often. Launched by the British Retail Consortium (BRC) with support from WRAP, the On-Pack Recycling Label scheme is administered through a subsidiary company called OPRL Ltd.
If your business would like to print the label on your packaging, you will need to become a member of the On-Pack Recycling Label scheme for more information on how to join, fees, and benefits of joining the scheme visit www.oprl.org.uk
It is important to check what your local authority will accept, as some authorities do collect material which may be marked as not currently recycled, while others may not collect packaging that is marked as widely recycled. The range of packaging that can be recycled changes regularly. Visit the recycle-more recycling locator to check what recycling is possible in your area.