What can I recycle?

What Can I Recycle?

Electricals and Electronics

  • Many local authorities now offer recycling facilities for electrical items. Visit the recycling locator for more details
  • Some retailers will take back old electrical items when they deliver a new electrical items to your house
  • There are now lots of re-use networks in place where you can offer electrical items for others to re-use
  • Mobile phones can be recycled through phone retailers and charities
  • If your old iPod is broken and no longer under warranty you can have it repaired or sell it to:www.ipodrepairs.co.uk
  • You can sell your unwanted gadgets, such as iPod's, tablets, games consoles etc. through website like Gadget Mill
  • You can donate mobile phones to Oxfam 


Try to get broken electrical and electronic items repaired rather than throw them away. Buy durable items with long life cycles.