North East England Household Electrical and Electronic Waste Survey

Box of waste electrical and electronic equipment

Did you know that the amount of electrical waste we throw away is increasing by around 5% each year, making it the fastest growing waste stream in the UK?


Over 60% of household electrical goods end up in landfill, where lead and other toxins contained in the electrical goods can cause soil and water contamination. Many of the electrical items we throw away can be re-used or recycled, helping to save natural resources and reducing their impact on the environment.


We will soon be conducting the North East England Household Electronic and Electrical Waste Survey, to help improve recycling and re-use services for waste electrical and electronic items in the region.

Prize draw 1 (April 2016) winners are:
    Susan Maclean (South Tyneside)
    Tracey Cox (South Tyneside)
    Janet Milburn (Redcar and Cleveland)
    Tracy Nixon (North Tyneside)
    Agnes Robson (Middlesbrough)

Prize draw 2 (May 2016) winners are:
    Paul David Phillips (South Tyneside)
    Mrs C I Cargill (Redcar and Cleveland)
    Rachel Sirotinina (Stockton-on-Tees)
    Kelsey Taylor (South Tyneside)
    John Tooth (South Tyneside)

Prize draw 3 (June 2016) winners are:
    John Gibson (North Tyneside)
    Allison Harkness (South Tyneside)
    Louise Nowell (South Tyneside)
    S. Scurfield (South Tyneside)
    Alison Walker (South Tyneside)

Prize draw 4 (July 2016) winners are:
    Niccola Taylor (South Tyneside)
    Jonathan Burrows (South Tyneside)
    David Rogers (South Tyneside)
    Danielle Surrey (South Tyneside)
    Katrina Ghent (South Tyneside)

Prize draw 5 (August 2016) winners are:
    Julie White (South Tyneside)
    Helen Mitchell (Sunderland)
    Brian Ronald (South Tyneside)
    Karen Hetherington (Sunderland)
    Angela Reay (Gateshead)

Prize draw 6 (November 2016) winners are:
    Barrie Daglish (South Tyneside)
    Ryan Hughes (North Tyneside)
    Paul Scrafton (Northumberland)
    Arthur Lavender (South Tyneside)
    Julie Elliott (South Tyneside)

Prize draw 7 (January 2017) winners are:
    Sarah O'Neill (South Tyneside)
    Anna Mckale (Gateshead)
    Michael Bell (South Tyneside)
    Gary Temple (Gateshead)
    Viv Kynoch (South Tyneside)

Prize draw 8 (February 2017) winners are:
    Richard Brooke (South Tyneside)
    Ian Drummond (South Tyneside)
    Elaine Wharton (South Tyneside)
    David Mitchell (South Tyneside)
    David Westring (South Tyneside)
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