Secondary Activities

AGES 11-16

Secondary activities

Welcome to the activity section for ages 11-16. The activities in this section are designed to provoke thought on recycling and waste management. Some activities are split into questions and answers - don't cheat! Have a go at the questions first, then look at the answers!

There are also some fact sheets to help you understand some more complicated issues, such as how a European Directive is introduced in to UK law. 

Waste CrosswordPut your thinking caps on and check out the recycle-more waste word puzzle!
Understanding recyclingDefine and discuss recycling terms.
Rubbish reviewLook at the way rubbish is dealt with at your school.
Packaging audit Look at the amount of packaging that is brought into your home each week.
How much rubbish?Question sheet. A thinking activity which helps you learn about the amount of rubbish we throw away in the UK and why,
How much rubbish?Prompt sheet. Some help for the activity above.