Earn rewards for recycling

Want to get rewarded for recycling?

Everyone knows that recycling is the right thing to do to prevent waste ending up in landfill, or being incinerated, which ultimately causes damage to the environment and human health and leads to an increase in the need for raw materials. However, not everyone is doing it or recycling their waste items correctly.

To incentivise good recycling habits Bower has created a recycling app, which rewards users for simply disposing of their recycling in the correct bin at home or while out and about.

The Bower recycling app

Bower is a free to use, award-winning recycling app. Bower rewards users for correct recycling, which can be redeemed as money, unlocking coupons or donations to charity.

How the Bower app works

Download the app via the link or QR code

Set up your account and register your regular recycling bins, including you household bins

Start Scanning any packaging with a barcode on

Wash, squash and prepare your recycling

Recycle at your registered bin by pressing 'recycle' on the app

Enjoy your points and rewards

It is that easy, get started today! 

Want to learn more about Bower? Try it out for yourself by downloading the app.

You can also  visit the Bower website where you will find frequently asked  questions and tips on how to start scanning and finding recycling locations.

Begin earning your rewards by downloading the Bower app today

You can download the app on your mobile through the below link or by scanning the QR code


Join over 500,000 recyclers and support a better future for our planet