recycle steel


Steel is 100% recyclable

Steel is 100% recyclable, contains up to 25% recycled steel and is the easiest packaging in the world to recycle! It is also the energy efficient metal for the production of cans! These properties make steel the ideal packaging material for all types of food, drinks, aerosols and pet food, and for many household and industrial products.

Recycling Steel Saves Energy and Reduces Pollution

If all the drinks cans in the UK were made of steel, the energy saved would be equivalent to that needed to light every home in the UK for several weeks!

The use of scrap steel saves up to 74% of the energy needed to make steel from virgin materials.

Furthermore, recycling one tonne of steel cans saves:

  • 1.5 tonnes of iron ore
  • 0.5 tonnes of coke
  • 1.28 tonnes of solid waste
  • Reduces air emissions by 86%
  • Reduces water pollution by 76%

When looking at packaging, it is important to remember that food and drinks cans are not the only form of steel packaging. From water-colours to biscuits to industrial paint, many products can be packaged in attractively decorated and different shaped steel containers. 

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