Why recycle plastic?

All sorts of amazing products can be made from recycled plastic bottles, including fleece jackets!

Plastic Recycling Stops Bottles Being Dumped in Landfill

Plastic bottles are made from oil - a fossil fuel that will one day run out. It is important to make use of materials like plastics that can be recycled and re-used, rather than continually exploiting the fossil fuels used to make them in the first place.

Nearly 8 Billion Bottles are Thrown Away Every Year in Britain!

In Britain we throw away about 513,000 tonnes of plastic bottles every year - that is around 8 billion bottles! Many of these end up in landfill where, because plastic bottles are very light but very bulky, they take up lots of space; however, 58% of household plastic bottles were recycled in 2012 (source: recoup.org)
Plastic bottle recycling helps to stop all these bottles being dumped into landfill sites and means the plastic they are made from can be used to make new products. All sorts of amazing products can be made from recycled plastic bottles, including fleece jackets!
Click here to find out more about recycling plastic, or click here to find out more about different types of plastic packaging and the plastics sorting process.


Pledge 2 Recycle Plastics

Pledge 2 Recycle Plastics is the National Plastics Recycling Initiative promoting plastic recycling in the UK. The initiative reduces a householder’s confusion of how to recycle plastics correctly via their household bin collection through education and conversation. Real behaviour change is achieved, through providing consistent and simple messages. We use direct communication campaigns into households and work closely with Local Authority Community Champions, supporting local campaigns and events.

Working with Pledge 2 Recycle Plastics can help raise additional funding by providing opportunities for match funded projects which work to reduce consumer confusion of plastics recycling.

The Pledge 2 Recycle Plastics team work closely with many well-known household brands manufacturers, local councils, and other partners to support recycling.

The team are experienced in overseeing recycling at events including music festivals, large events (including several marathons, and even national Air Shows). At these events the focus is to provide recycling information and education through direct roadshow interaction. This service is provided alongside the process of collecting, sorting and recycling of plastic packaging.

Read more about the work we carried out at the Welsh Air Show at Swansea – where post-consumer Expanded Polystyrene and PET bottles were collected and recycled.

You can find out more about the work we do or contact us via our website.