Banana bread bliss: Transform your overripe bananas


The 23 February is “National Banana Bread Day”. The recycle-more Team are thrilled that there’s a national day to celebrate one of our favourite sweet treats! 

Making banana bread is a great way to use up any overripe, spotty bananas that might be lurking in your fruit bowl, and means that they won’t get thrown in the compost or rubbish bin. This is another reason why we love banana bread so much, as its very existence actually helps to reduce food waste. 

To celebrate this special day we thought we would share this delicious recipe, which has put together by a member of our recycle-more Team and tried and tested many times over:

Top (banana) tip:There is no need to buy green bananas, as by doing so you have to wait ages until they’re delicious enough to eat. By wrapping the stem of a bunch of bananas in cling film you will help them to stay yellow for longer. This also helps to prevent them from ending up in your rubbish bin.