Why recycle

Why recycling matters

Unlock the power of recycling

Every year each UK household produces over 1 tonne of rubbish and the amount we generate and throw away is increasing rapidly. 

A growing population and changes to our lifestyles have influenced our behaviours and habits.

If we can reduce the amount of waste we create through reuse, repair, recycling or by reducing our consumption of goods, it will help reduce the necessity for landfill and expensive methods of disposal, such as incineration.

Expand your knowledge on what rubbish is and how it affects the environment, why you should recycle more and what you can do reduce, reuse and recycle more waste.

What can I recycle? 

By understanding what can be recycled, we can actively participate in the recycling process and make a positive impact on our planet. We want to explore the diverse range of items that can be recycled in the UK. From everyday household materials to electronic devices and packaging, we want to provide you with valuable insights on what can and should be recycled. Together, let's uncover the possibilities of recycling and take steps towards a more sustainable future. 

Find answers to 'Where can I recycle near me?' and make a positive impact on the environment.

Items suitable for recycling 

Learn which materials are recyclable, empowering you to make environmentally conscious choices...

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Recycling symbols explained

Recycling symbols explained  

Recycling packaging is important, but do we know what the recycling logos mean?...

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Interesting facts on recycling 

Check out some of our facts on the different packaging materials and things we can recycle at home...

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