Life Cycle Assessments

Life Cycle Assessments

Life Cycle Assessments

With consumers and stakeholders placing an increased focus on sustainability and environment, many organisations are looking at ways they can minimise their impact on the environment. Carrying out Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) can help an organisation to demonstrate a deeper commitment to improving its environmental performance.

What is a Life Cycle Assessment ?

LCA is the measurement of the environmental impact of a product, service or process over its entire life cycle. It looks at a wide range of environmental issues including resource use, land use and toxicity. LCA provides organisations with a comprehensive understanding of their environmental impact and allows them to make informed decisions about how they can improve their environmental performance.

What are the benefits ?

There are lots of benefits an organisation can gain from carrying out LCAs including:

  • Cost savings
  • Targeting supply chain improvements
  • Assess your product/service/process against those of your competitors
  • Supports communications about environmental friendliness of product/service/process
  • Improved environmental performance and reputation
  • Strengthened customer loyalty

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