Waste audits

Waste Audits

Waste audits

Waste audits are a great way to help you measure the effectiveness of your current waste management systems. They can be carried out on any type of waste e.g. office waste, commercial and industrial waste and municipal waste.

What's involved in a waste audit ?

A waste audit includes a review of your current methods of handling waste and should help you to identify what improvements can be made to:

  • Gain further value from your waste materials
  • Achieve maximum recycling levels
  • Achieve corporate recycling targets 

It is a good idea to carry out waste audits regularly in order to allow you to monitor improvements.  A good waste management partner should be able to help you do this and provide advice on areas of continuous improvement such as: 

  • Segregation of waste
  • Preventing production of waste in the first place
  • Use of equipment such as balers, compactors and bins

What are the benefits ?

The benefits to be gained from carrying out waste audits include:

  • On-going cost savings
  • Identification of new sources of revenue
  • Improved resource efficiency
  • Improved environmental performance

Download our guidance document on how to perform a waste audit here.