Plastic recycling


Plastic Recycling Stops Bottles Being Dumped in Landfill

Plastic bottles are made from oil - a fossil fuel that will one day run out. It is important to make use of materials like plastics that can be recycled and re-used, rather than continually exploiting the fossil fuels used to make them in the first place.

Nearly 8 Billion Bottles are Thrown Away Every Year in Britain!

In Britain we throw away about 513,000 tonnes of plastic bottles every year - that is around 8 billion bottles! Many of these end up in landfill where, because plastic bottles are very light but very bulky, they take up lots of space; however, 58% of household plastic bottles were recycled in 2012 (source:
Plastic bottle recycling helps to stop all these bottles being dumped into landfill sites and means the plastic they are made from can be used to make new products. All sorts of amazing products can be made from recycled plastic bottles, including fleece jackets!

Plastic bottle recycling