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This area has been designed for both teachers and pupils to use. You will find a number of activities that can be carried out at school or at home. We recommend that children wishing to carry out these activities should have the supervision of an adult, so print the activities out and take them to school to show your teacher, or get your mum and dad involved!

We have split the activities into the following age ranges:

  • Ages 5 - 11 (KS 1 & 2 England, Wales and Northern Ireland) (Scotland P1-7,  attainment levels A-D)
  • Ages 11 - 16 (KS 3 & 4 England, Wales, and Northern Ireland) (Scotland P7  and S1 & 2, attainment level E)

Teachers - All activities have been designed to follow a recycling or rubbish theme.

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