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As climate change and the waste crisis continues to impact our lives, we believe that education is key. Introducing children to these topics from an early age will help to drive positive change and ensure a better future.

We have created several educational worksheets that can be used at home or at school, which cover sustainability, recycling, and re-use topics across many subjects.

Activities are split into the following age ranges:

  • Ages 4 - 11 (KS1 and KS2 England, Wales and Northern Ireland) (Scotland P1-P7)
  • Ages 11 - 16 (KS3 and KS4 England, Wales, and Northern Ireland) (Scotland S1-S3)

We recommend that children wishing to carry out these activities at home should be supervised by an adult. Print these out and take them to school to show your teacher, or get your mum and dad involved!

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Plastics recycling resources #sortitout

We have partnered with plastics recycling organisation, Recoup, to create some resources for schools aimed at Key Stage 2 students.

A free, interactive PDF joins our visiting alien as he plays in the park and on the beach, following discarded plastic bottles all the way to the sea. Children make choices to generate their own story; if they choose to recycle the bottles, they are rewarded with an in-depth video showing the plastic recycling process.

Can we sort it out together?

Download here

Please note the file must be downloaded and saved to your device before being run. Additional set-up information and support can be found here