Recycling, what can I do

What Can I Do?

Reduce your rubbish by over 50%

There are a number of ways to reduce and recycle rubbish in the home and at school. Before you start, learn about the different recycling symbols on packaging. You could use our waste diary to record your rubbish levels and, using the ideas below, you could reduce the rubbish in your bin by over 50%!


  • Encourage your parents not to buy heavily packed goods and, where possible, buy loose alternatives
  • Ask your parents to stop junk mail and faxes through the Mailing Preference Service
  • Cancel delivery of unwanted newspapers or donate old magazines to waiting rooms
  • Use your own shopping bags when visiting the supermarket, or re-use old plastic shopping bags
  • Start your own vegetable garden and grow your own vegetables
  • If you have any babies in the family you could ask your parents, aunts or uncles to check out the Real Nappy Association
  • Take a packed lunch to school in a re-usable plastic container

Recycle, how to help


  • Re-use carrier bags
  • Re-use scrap paper and envelopes
  • Donate old computers and audio visual equipment to charities, community groups or schools
  • Buy rechargeable items instead of disposable ones e.g. batteries and cameras
  • Buy products in refillable containers e.g. washing powders
  • Buy concentrated products which use less packaging
  • Take old clothes and books to charity shops, or have a car boot sale - which is a great way for making some extra pocket money. Alternatively, you could sell items on eBay
  • Encourage your parents to look for long lasting (and energy efficient) appliances when buying new electrical items. Ensure that these are well maintained to increase product life cycle
  • Use low energy bulbs which last longer and use less energy

Recycle, re-use


  • Choose products in packaging which you know can be recycled
  • Compost - lots of kitchen waste can be composted. Contact your local council for details of local composting schemes and details of any compost bin sales.
  • Buy products made from recycled materials. Most supermarkets now stock a wide range of these items.
  • Find out where your nearest recycling facilities are by clicking here
For more exciting recycling activities, please click here. We have also put together a range of projects that you can have a go at, or suggest to your teachers or parents.

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