Eco-friendly fun: 9 ways to make recycling and reusing exciting for kids


It is important that the younger generation learn the significance of recycling from an early age, so that recycling and re-use becomes second nature to them. To help get the kids on board, we have put get together the following recycling and re-use activities which can be both fun and engaging:

Be creative

  • How about trying your hand at making a toy car out of old cardboard boxes with round sweet tin boxes for the wheels?
  • Have you ever thought about making a mosaic or patterns out of different coloured waste plastics or waste coloured paper etc...
  • Kids love prizes; therefore, incentives can be good idea. For example, if they take out the recycling they could get a reward such as a day out or a meal at a place of their choice.
  • Decorate your recycling bins with special stickers, or paint them with waterproof paint in cool and funky colours. Let your kids get involved to get them interested in recycling. They could even be inspired to take the recycling out to their new cool and funky recycling bin.
  • You can make recycling easy by buying a compartmentalised bin. These have separate sections for general waste and recycling.
  • Buy products made from recycled materials, such as pencil cases made from tyres and rulers made from plastic cups.
  • Start recycling at school by bringing in paper. You could ask your teacher to arrange visits to local recycling centres.
  • Make a den out of old newspapers and other junk items around the home.
  • Make a boat out of any old items which are stored in your garage or from waste packaging. Be adventurous and get creative.