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Unlock your creativity: Ten ingenious ways to reuse plastic bags

Ten ways to reuse your plastic bags

The Government has warned high street retailers, supermarkets and stores that failure to reduce the amount of plastic bags voluntarily by 70% will trigger a change in the law to put an end to the distribution of free throw away carrier bags. Here at recycle-more HQ we have compiled our top ten favourite unique and ingenious ways to re-use/ recycle the old bags everyone has stashed away at home.

   Be creative

  • Knit a bag out of your old carrier bags
  • Make yourself a pair of summer sandals
  • Design and build your own kite, which you could decorate with ribbons made from plastic bags and tin foil milk bottle tops etc
  • Make a rain coat
  • Have a go at making Homer's D'oh-Nut Trophy. Click here to download the instructions
  • Make decorative flowers
  • Give your dog a stylish new look by making them a new dog leash
  • Use them to line your bin
  • Make a bin / basket to store your recycling!
  • Make a door snake by sewing a tube of cloth, cram it full of plastic bags, then sew up the ends. Use it to prevent drafts from gaps under doors. Not only a good use of the carrier bags but also good for reducing energy bills and consumption

Reduce, reuse and recycle!

Please also remember that many supermarkets now offer a service to recycle carrier bags in store.

You can purchase long life bags in most supermarkets. Alternatively, long life bags can be purchased from places such as Kind Bag.

Please help to reduce, re-use and recycle!

Your suggestions... 

The recycle-more Team received an email suggesting that plastic bags could be used as a recycled moisture barrier for grass and live roots, which means that you don't have to buy expensive waterproof membranes. Excellent suggestion! Thank you for getting in touch.

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