Ten ways to a greener summer holiday


  • Does flying make you feel guilty and upset your eco conscience? If so, carbon offsetting could be the solution. For example, flying to Spain produces ¾ of a tonne of CO2 per person a flight. It could cost you as little as £12 to clear your carbon footprint and your conscience. Visit www.carbonfootprint.com/offset for more information.
  • Try some green travel alternatives to get to the airport. Check out www.liftshare.com. If there is a big group of you going away together hire a mini bus instead of taking lots of cars to save money and reduce your carbon footprint www.taxinumber.com
  • Travel to Benidorm. Yes you heard right! Some Benidorm hotel bedrooms have lights installed that automatically switch off when you leave the room. In addition, Benidorm has low energy street lighting and many of the taps are foot pump-operated which helps to save water consumption: news.bbc.co.uk
  • Don't forget your eco toothbrush. Some companies have developed Eco toothbrushes where toothpaste is not required. This means more space for shoes: www.ecogreenstore.co.uk
  • When packing your suitcase have you ever had to leave your case open because you need to charge to your mobile phone, PSP, MP3 player at the last minute? Not anymore! The portable power supply lets you charge your phone from the power of the sun. Yes from the power of the sun! With over 11 different charger connectors to suit an array of appliances, it is a great holiday item
  • Eat smartly. If you are on a self catering holiday always look out for local produce. You can reduce your carbon footprint because of less air miles and it is also better for the local economy
  • Borrow books. It saves you money and most importantly it saves the environment. It is estimated that one tree makes 1,000 books
  • Follow recycle-more on Twitter for information and updates on the world of recycling and green ways of living
  • Remember the recycle-more motto "Reduce, Re-use, and Recycle": Reduce - the amount of clothes that you take on holiday, as weight adds to the amount of fuel burnt by flying. Re-use - last year's holiday clothes. Is there any need for a brand new holiday wardrobe when you have perfectly good holiday clothes at home. Recycle - give your clothes to Oxfam. You could get a £5.00 gift voucher if you have any Marks & Spencer (M&S) items amongst the clothes that you are giving away
  • Summer is the time for parties. Remember that the recycling locator will find your nearest bottle bank. Therefore, don't throw away your bottles, recycle them and help to save the environment