Saving the green way

Check out the Cash for Cans scheme, where you can get money back for recycling your old used cans

Sell your old mobile phone to envirofone who will recycle recycle it for you. In some instances you can also sell your mobile back to your phone provider or use it to upgrade your phone saving you the upgrade fee.

These days ink cartridges can be refilled at many retail outlets. For example, Cartridge World works out the cheapest way to purchase your ink. Alternatively, you can sell your empty cartridges to Cash for Cartridges

Buy concentrated products. This reduces packaging and works out to be slightly cheaper

Save money when shopping by taking your own reusable bag with you instead of purchasing a plastic bag that you will later need to dispose of. You can purchase long life bags in most supermarkets. Alternatively, these can be purchased from: Kind Bag

If embarking on a short journey ride a bike or walk instead of heading out in the car. This will save petrol money, help the environment and reduces your carbon footprint. To work out your carbon foot print click here

Put a smile on someone else's face by selling and recycling your old CDs at Music Magpie, or sell your books via Momox

Throw a clothes swapping party with your friends. A great social occasion where you can exchange clothes at no cost and create yourself a whole new funky wardrobe. Ingenious!

Use teabags more than once, then put them onto your compost heap. This saves money, creates no waste and helps your garden to grow

Take your clothes to Oxfam. If you take at least one M&S item with you, M&S and Oxfam will give you a £5.00 M&S gift voucher in exchange

Beat the credit crunch. Reduce, Re-use, and Recycle!

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