Recycling aerosol cans

Aerosol cans, both steel or aluminium are valuable materials that can be recycled to reduce waste. 

How are aerosol cans recycled?

Once collected, aerosol cans are typically sorted at recycling facilities and separated them from other materials. The cans are then crushed to reduce their size, making transportation more efficient.

During the recycling process, both steel and aluminium aerosol cans are melted down.. The melted metal is then manufactured into new products, such as household appliances, automotive parts, or even back to new aerosol cans.

Important things to remember when recycling aerosol cans

It's important to note that plastic lids should be removed from aerosol cans before recycling, and disposed of separately with the rest of your recycling. Do not pierce or attempt to crush the cans. When recycling, it's also necessary to ensure aerosol cans are as empty as possible to avoid any hazards during the recycling process.