Blister packs

Are blister packs recyclable?

Blister packs are recyclable. However, they can’t be recycled at home via kerbside collections, only the outer cardboard box can be put in your household recycling bins. Blister packs are made up from both plastic and aluminium foil, which aren't easy to separate.

Collection points and recycling initiatives

There are various collection points and recycling initiatives across the UK that accept blister packs. Superdrug, in partnership with TerraCycle, offers a blister pack recycling service. Your local pharmacy and recycling centres may also accept blister packs for recycling.

Collect your empty packs and drop them at your local Superdrug or participating pharmacy. Ensure you call ahead, to save any wasted journeys.

How are blister packs recycled?

The blister packs are sent to specialised recycling facilities where the plastic and aluminium are separated and cleaned. The plastic is then melted down and moulded into new plastic products, while the aluminium foil is recycled into aluminium products or used in other manufacturing processes.

With collection points and recycling initiatives more widely available.  It is easier to now responsibly dispose of  and recycle these everyday packaging materials.