Christmas trees

Recycling real Christmas trees

Real Christmas trees can be recycled from home. Alternatively, you can use collection or drop off points organised by your local council. It is worth checking your local council's website or social media pages at the end of December or early January to find out what recycling options are available.

An alternative to having it collected with your garden waste is to break it down to compost at home or repurpose it by bounding some branches with the trunk. Place it in your garden to attract wildlife, creating the perfect insect hotel. Piling up the branches in small spaces will provide perfect shelters for visiting wildlife.

Please ensure ALL decorations have been removed from the tree.

Can artificial Christmas tress bed recycled?

Artificial Christmas trees are not recyclable. This is because they are made from a combination of materials, which are often difficult or impossible to separate for recycling. If your tree is in good condition, donate it to a charity shop or give it away to someone who can make use of it on local freecycle pages.

Sustainable alternative to real and artificial trees

If neither cut real trees or artificial Christmas trees appeal you may wish to explore more sustainable options, such as:

  • A potted Christmas tree. If properly cared for outside the festive season, you will be able to use the tree year after year. Alternatively, you can replant it if no longer needed
  • A ladder Christmas tree. Use an old wooden ladder and some planks, then upcycle by painting and adding your own festive touches. You can lay lights or ornaments on the planks or even pop your presents on there
  • A book tree. Gather some of your old or favourite books, make a circle on the floor, and stack them in layers, gradually making them smaller. Add a topper of your choice and some lights to add a festive glow