Festive decorations

Can festive decorations be recycled?

During any festive season, whether it's Christmas or Diwali, taking good care of your decorations is key to ensuring they can be used year after year.

Broken or unwanted glass decorations, such as baubles, are not recyclable. They would need to be carefully wrapped and disposed of in your household waste bin. Plastic decorations are generally made from plastics that aren’t widely recycled. Any additional covering, such as glitter will greatly impact the recycling process.

Decorations such as garlands and wreaths that are made from natural materials, such as holly, berries, and tree clippings, can be broken down and put into your compost or garden waste. Make sure you remove any bases such, as an oasis, and any plastic accessories so they can be used the following year. 

If it can't be recycled, do you very best to reuse and repurpose where ever possible.