LED fairy lights

Can LED fairy lights be recycled?

Some of us choose to decorate our homes during festive celebrations such as Christmas, Diwali, birthdays, weddings, etc with LED fairy lights. And some of us like to use them all year round to create an ambient glow. But can they be recycled?

LED fairy lights are classed as small electrical items and can sometimes be recycled at kerbside or at specific collection points. Many local authorities will collect small electrical items at kerbside along with other household recyclable waste. However, local authorities may require these items to be bagged and kept separate from the rest of your recycling. It is best to check by visiting your local authority website or by referring to their recycling flyer.

You can also recycle your lights at any household waste recycling centre that will accept waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). Enter your postcode into our recycling bank locator and select small electronics from the drop-down menu to find your nearest collection point. 

If your set of lights are no longer working and they use batteries, need charging, have a plug or the crossed out wheeled bin symbol on them, they can be recycled.