• Usually separated into: aluminium (drinks cans, foil trays, wrapping foil, caps and closures on glass bottles) - non-magnetic, and steel (food tins) - magnetic (aerosols can be made from either)
  • You can use a magnet to identify steel from aluminium.
  • Wash and squash cans before recycling. Only recycle clean aluminium foil. Never pierce or crush aerosols even when empty
  • Only put empty aerosols in recycling schemes i.e. when you cannot get any more out by pressing the button
  • Crisp wrappers (metallised plastic film) cannot be recycled. Metallised plastic springs back when scrunched
  • Find your nearest recycling sites and kerbside information for metals on the recycle-more recycling locator


Contact Alupro for details of their Every Can Counts scheme and BAMA for any aerosol queries