Recycling stamps

While communication through email, social media, and text messaging has become more common practice these days, sending and receiving letters and greeting cards in the post is still favourable, especially around Christmas and birthdays. But what should we be doing with unwanted, used stamps once the envelopes are opened?

What can you do with used and unwanted stamps?

You can recycle used stamps along with the envelope, especially if they are still attached. Just place the envelopes in your household recycling bin along with any other paper items.

Alternatively, you can cut around the stamp leaving roughly a centimetre of envelope or packaging. Once you have collected a generous amount, consider donating them to charities. Several charities, such as RNIB, Age UK and Canine Partners, and many others, provide pre-paid collection envelopes for used stamps. Some charity websites even offer downloadable posters, allowing you to set up a collection point at work or your club.

These charities can sell the collected stamps to dealers and earn money based on the weight sold. Collectors or individuals interested in using stamps for artwork may purchase them.